5 Ways to Keep Your Golf Game Strong in the Winter

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If you’re a golf enthusiast who lives in a cold, snowy place like Colorado, you’ve probably resigned yourself to being unable to visit the golf course until spring arrives. But putting your clubs away until spring can be disadvantageous for your game, as you may lose your finesse and have to start from scratch come April. This is why most golf pros believe winter to be an integral season for golf, where you can practice your swings, experiment with changes, and fine-tune your shots.

There are lots of drills, techniques, and exercises that you can practice indoors if it’s tough to work out on your chipping, putting, and long shots outdoors. Off-season golfing works as a boon for many since they can now make adjustments and changes to their style of playing and become accustomed to it before spring arrives.

5 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game This Winter


Keep Working Out

Pro golfers such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are known to have worked on their strength and flexibility during winter to improve their physical conditioning. This is important as it allows you to stay in shape during the holiday season.

Glute strengthening, maintaining core areas, and building muscle can help you avoid injury, give you more strength while striking the ball, and help you with balance and power. For senior golfers, yoga and pilates can help improve flexibility, balance, and core stability.

Practice Your Shots in an Indoor Facility

Practicing shots in a heated, indoor facility is a good option during winter. You may not be able to hit the full length indoors, but it’s a great way to practice your swings. If you have access to a domed facility in your neighborhood or indoor ranges, you can easily practice your full swings.

If the indoor range is not an option, you can practice by swinging a weighted club in your garage, which is a shorter version of the regular golf club. Swinging weighted clubs every day for a few minutes also improves strength in your arms and wrists and increases clubhead speed.

Hire a Professional Golf Instructor

If you are new to the game, hiring a professional golf instructor to show you the proper grip is also a good idea. You can practice indoors with a training grip as well, for several days a week.

Practice in Front of a Mirror

Practicing in front of a full-length mirror is another effective method of practicing indoors. It can act as a great training aid, where you can make adjustments accordingly while you swing in slow motion. You must practice your full swing, backswing, and downswing for a minimum of five minutes four times a week.

Get All the Practice You Can

When it’s not snowing, or when the weather calms down a bit, you can go outside into your backyard and practice swings at least 100 times. Even if you don’t have golf balls, keep practicing as if you were taking real swings. This will help you work on your flexibility, strength, and grip. You will notice a significant improvement in your overall performance when the golf season arrives.

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