4 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Golfing

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Golf is one of the most popular leisure sports, and its concept is quite easy but can get complicated if you are not using apt techniques. In this article, you will learn four golf hacks that should enable you to further excel and enjoy the game!

1. How to Hold the Grip

Specialized grip-holding techniques are considered boring by amateur golfers; however, pros are aware of their advantages. The best way to hold the grip is to position the lower palm (under the pinky finger) on the club’s base. After that, use your index finger and clasp the club. If you can balance the club in this fashion, your form is at par with the pros.

Next, grab the rest of the grip with the remaining fingers. If you perfect this, you could eventually use a technique called “Hinge Mechanism.” In this technique, you move the club up and down using only the index and lower palm. The grip helps you put more power in your swing.

2. Leg Setup

The next thing on our list is the leg setup, another crucial part of golf. Most amateurs put 70–60% pressure or weight on their back foot, making swinging difficult. This flaw prevents you from pulling the club back and can slash your swing power.

To perfect your leg setup, you should put 60% or 55% of your weight on your lead leg and the rest on your hind leg. This method is mandatory so that when you are pulling for the swing, the extra 10% or 5% weight on your lead leg transfers to the hind leg, making the balance optimum with both legs sharing equal weight. This technique helps you swing better, faster, and put in more power! As a result, your swing can get your ball even further!

3. Leg Positioning while Pulling Back the Swing

Now that you know how to balance weight and take a better stance, let’s take a look at how to position your legs when you are pulling the swing back.

The main mistake amateurs make here is that, while pulling the club (for a swing), they tend to shift their body to their hind leg. Instead of doing that, the best way to pull the club back is by rotating the body. How do you do that? Here are a couple of instructions:

  • First, start rotating the hind leg back to the rear heel when pulling.
  • When your entire hind leg (from calves, thighs, and hips) has stretched backward, release the swing.

4. Arm Movement

Finally, your arm movement is the most crucial part of your swing. A common rookie arm movement mistake would be to push the lead arm outwards from the chest. It makes the head of the club tilt and can ruin your accuracy. The best way to avoid this blunder is by pushing your arm inwards towards your chest. It keeps the clubhead the way you want to keep it for the perfect shot!

Now that you know the tricks of the trade, do you think you are ready to swing? Try your luck on the Tiara Rado Golf Course, or Lincoln Park Golf Course this spring.

For the Tiara Rado Golf Course, call the Golf Shop at (970) 254-3830, or call the Lincoln Park Golf Course Golf Shop at (970) 254-3890 or book tee times online for both courses at www.golfgrandjunction.net.

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